It’s not rocket science. But when it comes to your organization, it might as well be.

The services Brandulation provides are simply what every organization ought to be doing with their promotional opportunities, but don’t.  Working with our guidance involves three phases:


Who is your organization?

Is your brand aligned throughout every level?

What is the event you’re planning for?

What did you want to communicate through this promotion?

Who is your target?

What should they be thinking?

These questions and more give us the information we need to think strategically.


What is your budget?

When is your timeline?

Brandulation will provide a list of suggested options and work with you to tell your story in a variety of different ways.  By the end of this stage, you’ll actually be excited to see what your incentive will be.



On time, on budget and on strategy.  You’ll have the promotion you were promised, every time.  A promotion is a chance to see your brand in action.  Don’t squander it with the same incentive you’ve always used.  Dig deeper. Worry less.  Let us help.