smart shopper is a hybrid consumer who simultaneously pursues both price advantages as well as quality.

Thus, the smart shopper differs from the bargain hunter who is looking for offers, which are in the lowest price segment, without regard to quality. 

Why should I snag a smart swag shopper like Brandulation?

These days, people rely on the internet for information.  They research products, read reviews, ask their friends on social media, and consider various sources before making a decision.  

This makes total sense.  It’s smart.  We get it!  We do it too.  

This approach works for most products and services.  However, the world of promotional marketing is different.  

At Brandulation, we don’t simply purchase products.  We provide marketing solutions.  

We understand that careful consideration must be given, before any final decisions are made regarding investing in the perfect custom product.

Our goal is to provide complete satisfaction, with your custom branded investment.

What type of value does Brandulation provide over catalogs and online sites?

Great question!  

When you call an 800 number listed on a catalog or online site, you are typically connected to a call center in a different state.  The person you speak with is not focused on consulting or advising.  Their goal is to take your order and ensure that it is processed correctly.  They do not take the time to learn about your business, get to know you or your brand, and consider the various details of your promotional campaign.

And, when it comes to custom imprinting on products, there are lots of unknowns that most people are not aware of, such as:

  • How do I select the best item from thousands of options, to achieve my goals and objectives?
  • Am I choosing the right pen, bag, t-shirt, imprint size, etc.?
  • What are the different considerations for choosing the perfect product…style, shape, color, weight, size, etc.?
  • How do I know the product is a good value?
  • Will the product I select represent my brand well?
  • Will my logo or message be legible and look professional?
  • Will my items arrive on schedule and as expected, for my event?
  • Which products are most in demand?
  • Are there products that I could consider, that are not advertised online?

These are just a few of many considerations.

Ask yourself…

Why bother with hours of research and administration, when you can work with Brandulation and have us manage everything for you, for no additional cost?

In short, when you work with Brandulation you partner with a local dedicated ADvisor who is passionate about ensuring that you are getting the right product at the best value, every time.

Do the products from Brandulation cost more than what’s available on catalogs or online sites?

That’s another great question!  WOW!  You’re on a roll!

Here’s the 411…

Many of the suppliers or factories that manufacture products choose not to work directly with consumers. They are not equipped to provide customer service or educate buyers.  They prefer to focus on the manufacturing or distribution side of their business.  Many of them do not even advertise their products online.  Therefore, they rely on companies like Brandulation, to provide customer support and make the ordering process seamless for the end user.  We minimize and in most cases eradicate potential errors, and we provide unparalleled service.  It’s a win win win relationship for the supplier, distributor, and customer.

It is important to note that Brandulation is not linked to any particular suppliers. However, we choose to work with and recommend, the most reputable sources.

In short…

-We shop for the best value so you don’t have to.
-We serve as an outsourced marketing partner to ensure you are able to make informed decisions.

And best of all, there is no additional cost for working with us.  We are on your side every step of the way.

And if all that isn’t enough, we offer Price Verification too!  

It’s simple…

If you’ve ordered items from a catalog or online in the past and would like us to process your next one for you, you are welcome to email us a formal invoice of your previous order, or send us a link to an item you are considering or have previously ordered.  

We would be happy to review the information to see if the products are a right fit, or if you’d like something different.  

We will also let you know if you are receiving the best value, or if we can make you a better offer.  

You’ll always have peace of mind!

So, the next time you consider using custom branded SWAG for your business, look no further.  We are at your service!

We’ll make your next SWAG project, EFFORTLESS!!!

Check out our online product site, for some instant SWAGSPIRATION!

Oh, and we love to show our appreciation to our customers, by offering unlimited opportunities to earn one Digital Choice Reward (Free Pizza |Free Movie Ticket | Free E-Book) for each purchase, or for referrals that lead to a purchase.