There are many traditional and unique holidays to celebrate each year.

Think how your cool and memorable your organization would be to your prospects, customers, and team members when you remember them on a unique day!

We’ve listed some creative ways that you can integrate promotional items with specific holidays and events.

New Years Day
January 1st
Implement a resolution!
Recommended Items: Weight Loss, Exercise
Trivia Day
January 4th
Exercise your brain!
Recommended Items: Puzzles, Mind Teasers, Games
  Groundhog Day
February 2nd
Predict the weather!
Recommended Items: Cold or warm winter apparel and accessories

Lincoln’s Birthday
February 12th
Celebrate the preservation of our union!
Recommended Items: Maps, Lincoln coins
  Valentine’s Day
February 14th
Spread love!
Recommended Items:  Heart Shaped items, Heart health related items 
President’s Day
February 20th
Celebrate leadership!
Recommended Items: Executive gifts
  Mardi Gras
February 21st
It’s time to party!
Recommended Items: Party accessories
National Pig Day
March 1st
Pig Out!
Recommended Items:  Barbecue accessories, Pig shaped items
National Anthem Day
March 3rd
Show your American pride!
Recommended Items:  Flags, sewing accessories
  Dentist Day
March 6th
Flash that smile!
Recommended Items;  Floss, Grooming kits
  Tool Worship Day
March 11th
Build Something!
Recommended Items: Tool kits, Tape Measure, Flashlights
National Plant A Flower Day
March 12th
Grow your business!
Recommended Items: Garden 
  Saint Patrick’s Day
March 17th
Are you feeling lucky?
Recommended Item: Green 
  National Goof Off Day
March 22nd
Lighten up!
Recommended Items: Goofy, Funny, Games
  April Fool’s Day
April 1st
Got ya!
Recommended Items: Humorous toys
April 20th
Spring has sprung!
Recommended Items: Egg shapes, Bunny Shapes
  Earth Day
April 22nd
Celebrate our world!
Recommended Items:  Green, Earth

Baby Day
May 2nd
Welcome a new life!
Recommended Items: Baby apparel and accessories
  Cinco de Mayo
May 5th
Celebrate Latino heritage!

Recommended Items:  Maracas, Pinatas, Candy
  Mother’s Day
May 13th
Show your gratitude to all mom’s!

Recommended Items: Relaxation, Photo related
Sunscreen Day
May 27th
Here comes the sun!

Recommended Items:  Sunglasses, Sunscreen
Memorial Day
May 30th
Lest we never forget!

Recommended Items: Red/White/Blue

World Environment Day
June 5th
Be environmentally friendly!

Recommended Items:  Eco
  Father’s Day
June 17th
Celebrate Dad’s!

Recommended Items:  Barbecue, Golf, Tools
  International Joke Day
July 1st
Laughter is the best medicine!

Recommended Items:  Funny, Goofy
  Fourth of July/Independence Day
July 4th
The land of the free and home of the brave!
Recommended items:  Flags, Red/White/Blue, Made in the USA
  National Workaholics Day
July 5th
Reward hard workers!
Recommended Items: Office, Stress
  National Junk Food Day
July 21st
Indulge yourself!
Recommended Items: Candy, Chocolates, Cookies
  Hammock Day
July 22nd

Relax!  You earned it!
Recommended Items:  Hammock, Relaxation, Beach
  United States Coast Guard Day
August 4th
Whatever floats your boat!
Recommended Items: Boat
National Lighthouse Day
August 7th
Be a guiding light!

Recommended Items: Compass, Light, Binoculars
  Book Lover’s Day
August 9th
Knowledge is power!
Recommended Items: Bookmark, Magnifying glass, Blanket
  Relaxation Day
August 15th

Rest easy!
Recommended Items:  Spa, Mugs
Aviation Day
August 19th
Fly like an eagle!

Recommended Items: Travel
  National Radio Day
August 20th
Stay informed!

Recommended Items:  Radios

Labor Day
September 3rd
It’s off to work we go!

Recommend Items:  Rewards, Office Gifts

Newspaper Carrier Day
September 4th
Extra, Extra!  Read all about it!

Recommended Items:  Messenger bag

Teddy Bear Day
September 9th
Share a hug!
Recommended Items:  Stuffed bear

Rosh Hashanah
September 16th
Here’s to sweet beginnings!
Recommended Items:  Kosher items, Gift basket

World Teachers Day
October 5th
Teachers are special!
Recommended Items: Award Clock

Columbus Day
October 8th
Sail the world!

Recommended Items:  Travel, Beach

October 31st
Trick or Treat!
Recommended Items:  Candy

Last Thursday in November
Give Thanks!
Recommended Items:  Thank you gifts

World AIDS Day
December 1st

Prevent, Treat, and Care!
Recommended Items:  Bands, Ribbons, First Aid kits

December 25th
It’s a holly, jolly Christmas!
Recommended Items:  Casserole Carrier, Wine Cooler Tote