Power Your Next Promotion with Digital Rewards!

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Digital rewards provide the perfect balance of choice, flexibility and value by giving access to premium digital
content and experiences from today’s top providersand platforms in music, film, publishing, retail, restaurants,
and more.

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It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

Digital Rewards are the easiest way to deliver real-world products in a digital form. The simplicity of reward
code-based promotions can solve many logistical issues.To redeem their reward, recipients will follow the
instructions located on their reward card, product or online.

Intel Music Download Card

Step 1

Recipients find the Reward Code located on the back of a card, package or online.

Music Download Website

Step 2

They visit the website provided, enter their reward code, and choose their gift.

Woman listening to music

Step 3

They enjoy their gift courtesy of your brand, company, or organization.

An Entire Promotion in the Palm of Your Hand

Imagine five hundred promotional items in the palm of your hand. Lightweight and easy-to-distribute, digital
reward cards fit easily in a manager’s deskdrawer, behind a teller’s bank counter, in a sales rep’s suitcase or at
a job fair booth. Unlike other physical items, there’s no need for large amounts of inventory and storage space.

Box of digital reward cards