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Here’s where you can find answers to that little voice in your head that keeps you from picking up the phone, getting a solution to your problem, and calling it a day.


“Are you able to help any organization, regardless of size, with their promotional marketing needs?”

Our solutions can help any organization, but we may not be the right fit in certain situations. We partner with clients who desire a long-term relationship with us, and who share the same loyalty and pride for the services we provide.

Why can’t I view catalogs on your site? All the other promotional websites allow me to browse!

While “browsing” through products can be helpful, at Brandulation we value your time. There is no need for you to search independently for “stuff.” The critical component in the success of any promotional marketing campaign is strategy. It is essential to consider your overall plan, which in turn will direct us to the right solutions. Oftentimes customers spend countless hours searching for what they think might be the right item, and change direction after discussing their goals with us. We will provide you with links to items that include images and descriptions, after we narrow our options. We can even provide samples of the items you select, to ensure you are completely satisfied before we process your request.

“Will the products I purchase from you cost more because of all the “personalized” attention you provide?”

The vendors we utilize are typically the same suppliers that are utilized by online sites. There are exceptions, but we are very competitive and we will work to keep your project on budget. We will be honest and upfront with you throughout the entire process. We focus on the ultimate message that needs to be to conveyed. The products selected are the tools we use to achieve results. After all, you would never use a hammer to unscrew a light bulb, right? The right tools achieve the right results. If you spend anything at all on an item without the desired results, then it is money lost. We advise you on the best solutions.

“What if I am not ready for a campaign? I typically buy the same products that have worked for me in the past. I would just prefer not to have to worry about the ordering process. Can you help with that?”

Absolutely! We can meet with you to find out when you typically need your products, how many you usually need, as well as your budget. We can even provide you with customized tools to make the entire process as simple and smart as possible. If you prefer, we will check in with you to find out how you are doing on quantities and process, as needed. You won’t have to go online, wait on a queue or get placed on hold. You will be assigned to one person who knows you by name. We will even take care of making sure that the art and specifications are the same. If you request feedback, we are happy to share our expertise as well. All you have to do is sit back and relax. We have you covered!

“What if the opposite were true? I need a solid plan, but am not ready to execute? Can you help?”

Definitely! Please contact us to discuss your specific need. We will provide you with an informed quote.

“How competitive is your pricing?”

If you chose us for price, you will most likely leave us for the same reason. However, we will shop our competition and let you know if we are able to meet your budget requirements. You can always expect us to be honest and provide maximum value for our services. We ask for the same honesty from our clients. We recognize that open communication and teamwork are critical, towards achieving successful objectives.

“How does your business profit?”

We are promotional product consultants and suppliers. We are compensated through the products our clients purchase. We understand that the success of our business comes from the success of yours. If you are happy with the value we provide in terms of service, budget and desired results, then that equates to a long-term relationship. Our goal is to earn your trust and keep it.

Return on Investment

“I am on a very tight budget. I can’t afford to use promotional products.”

The real question is, can you afford not to? Your competition is busy building their brand and message to earn new clients and to keep the one’s they have loyal. They also use it to reinforce employee behavior and retain those that contribute towards the organizations success.

The cost-per-impression (essentially the number of times your brand is visibly advertised) of an ad specialty is a fraction of a cent. Bags, caps, T-shirts and calendars are practically free!

Here are a few examples on the average cost-per-impression of promotional products:

Recognition & Awards $0.021
Wearables $0.016
Desk/Office/ Business Accessories $0.007
Shirts $0.005

“Wouldn’t I be better of putting my marketing dollars into TV ads? They seem much more cost- effective because they have a wider reach.”

Advertising specialties are less expensive per impression than almost any other media. In fact, promotional products are among the most cost-effective tool available to marketers. For example, advertising in a national magazine yields an average cost-per-impression of $.033. The average cost-per-impression of an ad specialty is $.004.

Cost-Per-Impression of Other Media

National Magazine $0.033
Sports Radio $0.005
Newspaper ad (1/2 page BW) $0.019
Billboard (city/national) $0.003
Prime Time TV $0.019
Syndicated TV $0.006
Cable TV $0.007

Source: The Nielsen Company & LosAngelesMobileBillboards.com

“Why should I put my logo on gifts? Nobody remembers the name of the company that advertises on those things anyway.”

A whopping 84% of those surveyed remembered the advertiser of a specialty item they had received. Of those who received wearables (jackets, pants, scarves), a full 94% remembered the advertising logo and company. These statistics are convincing evidence about the viability of ad specialty items.

“Is someone really going to change their opinion of me just because I sent them a logo gift? I doubt it.”

Survey results show 42% of end- buyers had a more favorable impression of an advertiser after receiving an item. Among those who received bags, 53% had a more favorable impression of the advertiser.

Promo products have staying power because recipients tend to hang onto them in highly visible places.

Here’s where each type of item is typically kept by end-users.

Person 10%
Car 6%
Office 28%
Home 56%

“Say I use a promotional product in a direct-mail campaign. How do I know I’ll ever hear from the prospect again?”

The vast majority of end-users have done business with the advertiser after receiving an item. Among those who received recognition items like awards, more than 75% of end-users have done business with the advertiser.  However, following up in a timely manner to ensure the item was received as well as inquiring about the opportunity to fulfill a need is a critical step in the marketing process.

“Unless a promotional product is super high-end, which I can’t afford, or really attractive, nobody’s going to want to keep it.”

End-users tend to keep items that are useful. Of those surveyed, more than 70% felt that bags, pens, T-shirts, desk accessories, glassware, caps and calendars are useful items.

“Why should I waste my money on a gift? It will probably only get used once or twice at most.”

Bags are the most frequently-used apparel item. Bags are used more than nine times per month. By comparison, caps are used six times per month and T-shirts are used four times per month.  People love practical and useful items!

“I need a way to advertise so I can be in front of my prospects every day. That’s why I advertise in my local newspaper. Your products won’t do that for me.”

Many ad specialties are often in front of prospects. For example, 20% of those surveyed used pens more than five times per day.

“I need to invest my money in media that delivers real impressions. Now if you could show me how many impressions I’d get from a promotional product, I might consider buying one. But you can’t do that, can you?”

Bags, caps, T-shirts and pens deliver significant impressions per month. On average, bags achieve the best results, at more than 1,000 impressions per month. Caps have an average of 476 impressions per month, while shirts, writing instruments and office accessories each have about 300 impressions per month. Above are the per-month impressions for a variety of ad specialty items.

Bags 1,038/mo
Caps 476/mo
Shirts 365/mo
Writing Instruments 263/mo
Desk Accessories 294/mo
Glassware/Ceramics 251/mo
Calendars 227/mo
Awards 221/mo
Other 192/mo
Other Wearables 64/mo

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